Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Battle Botanica

Battle of the Botanics!

This battle between some of the worlds most amazing botanical garden spaces is taking place in Singapore. There are only winners - botany and Singapore is winning hands down - the theme parks are attracking massive numbers of tourists and also providing beautiful opens spaces to the people of Singapore. Lets look at some facts:
  1. Kew Gardens is about 150 hectares.
  2. Central Park in New York is about 370 hectares.
  3. The City Botanic Gardens in Brisbane is about 20 hectares.
Number 3 surprised me in the fact that the name was changed from Brisbane Botanic Gardens to City Botanic Gardens. Why? It really identifies with Brisbane - not at all! It opened in about 1855 and was selected as a public garden in 1828 by the NSW Colonial Botanist Charles Fraser. Here's a photo:
City Botanic Gardens - Brisbane - Queensland, Australia.
Back on topic of this massive Botanical Battle that is occurring now and into the future in Singapore! Who are the contestants in this botanical duel? The first is "The Singapore Botanic Gardens" and the second is "Gardens by the Bay" - who will win? Well let's just look at the photos of each - one stepped in history and one that rivals theme parks in Dubai!

Singapore Botanic Gardens - 1882 established by Sir Stamford Raffles

Gardens by The Bay - opens July 2012.
The comparison of the two is impossible and some facts about each are in themselves world records. The details are so amazing that the only winner in this battle is Singapore - the garden enthusiasts will arrive in tmillions for centuries to come to always compare. But surprises await those who wait - both gardens are continually expanding and will give Singapore the new garden, botanical, plant, recreation area title of the world.

Statistics of the Battle: Singapore Botanical Gardens versus the Gardens By The Bay!
SBG - opens 365 days a year from 5am to midnight and its free.
GBTB - TBA on all aspects.
SBG - established 1882.
GBTB - Established 2012.
SBG - Cost not known but approximated at about $700 million.
GBTB - Cost reaching $1 billion.
SBG - A very large and diversve educational centre - over 40 different attractions.
GBTB - Broken into three areas but huge number of attractions.
SBG - Known for the largest orchid collection but also the largest tropical plant collection.
GBTB - Known to house over 1/3 million different plant species.

Now for some photos of each so you can determine the winner:

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Gardens By The Bay
Singapore Botanic Gardens 1st Green Roof
Gardens By The Bay - 2 giant biodomes,
The amazing thing regarding these botanic gardens, is they are now approaching the worlds largest between them - only a few hectares short - but both developments are increasing and will take the world title! Total so far is nearly 178 hectares exclusive botanical dedication! Nearly up to Kew Gardens!

The amazing thing is I can go and enjoy the plants, people and places all in one location! Can we do this in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Horbart, Perth, Darwin, Sydney and Canberra? Tha answer is Yes! But we have to go to each city - let's invest in an AUSTRALIAN BOTANIC GARDENS?

Links to details of each of Singapores attractions:
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Gardens By The Bay
Gardens By The Bay

The Backyard Botanist will be away for one week developing the new Botanic Gardens in Queensland! Stay tuned!

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